Why Are Men Behaving Weirdly? Sexual issues might be the reason

Midlife crisis is an emotional crisis of self-confidence and identity among men and women. It is indisputable that every person has a unique life cycle but one thing for sure is that individuals show some behavior similarities at particular stages and ages. Therefore, some midlife crisis behavior is common in women and others in men during their mid-age years. Generally, midlife crisis in both men and women last for about ten years, between the age of 35 and 45 years. The following are the ten common signs of men’s midlife crisis.

1. Change in social patterns

It is easy to notice changes in your man’s social patterns and detect incidences of midlife crisis. For instance, if your husband used to spend most of his free time in the house and all over sudden starts going out to clubs, social paternspubs and other boys’ night outs, this is a sign that something is wrong and he may be experiencing midlife crisis. On the other hand, when a man who was outgoing starts spending most of his time in the house, it is obvious that something is wrong with him.

2. Sudden and impulsive decisions

When a man starts making sudden and impulsive decisions without involving the wife and other people close to him, this is a sign of midlife crisis. For instance, a man living in the city with his wife and children may suddenly resign his job, move to the countryside, sell the family house or even ask his wife for a divorce without any good reason.impulsive decisionSuch behaviors is a clear indication that the man is in the peak of midlife crisis.

3. Neglecting wife/children

Midlife crisis can make a man to neglect his wife, children, and show no regard for family life. For instance, a man who was once romantic and attracted to his wife may show no sexual interests towards his wife. Lack of sexual interests in a man may also be a sign that he is not comfortable with his sexual performance or there is another woman in his life.no-sexual-desire-disorder Additionally, a man who used to ask about the well-being of his children everyday may start staying for weeks without asking children about their well-being and progress in school. This is a clear indication that midlife crisis has occupied his mind completely.

4. Sudden change of appearance

If a man who had no taste for fashion suddenly becomes fashion conscious, this could be a sign of midlife crisis. Moreover, if a man starts wearing clothes meant for people below or above his age, it is a sign that midlife crisis is creeping in. change appearanceWhen a man who used to have plain hair cut starts having different hairstyles, manicure, pedicure or start spending more time in front of a mirror, you have all reasons to get worried as wife because midlife crisis could be coming in.

5. Going back to a youthful behavior

When a man resurrects some of his youthful behaviors such as clubbing, listening to contemporary music, dressing like a teen or joins his youthful friends who have not been around for many years, this is a sign of midlife crisis. It is obvious that something is wrong if a man who never sends even a Christmas message starts spending most of his time exchanging SMS, emails and chats on social media platforms or you find fleshlite under his bed ?

6. Starts drinking or an increase in alcohol consumption

If your man suddenly starts drinking alcohol, you need to be worried as a wife. Additionally, if your husband used to drink responsibly and suddenly develops heavy drinking habits, this could be a sign that he is stressed or midlife crisis is at its peak.alcohol Heavy drinking habits are common among young men and when a middle age man starts drinking more than usual, it a sign that he could be missing his youthful days. This should worry you as wife because midlife crisis is disastrous to relationships.

7. Complaining to be bored with life

Complaints by a middle-aged man that life has become boring is a sign of midlife crisis. Some of the reasons for a middle-aged man to be bored with life include failure to achieve life goals or job dissatisfaction. On the other hand, a middle-aged man may feel bored with life if he has achieved all his goals and there is nothing left to achieve. This could make a man to feel demoralized and discouraged to work harder in his routine chores.

8. Easily angered and always blaming the wife

When a man starts getting angry for no good reason and blames the wife or other people around him for the mistakes, he could be experiencing midlife crisis. A man who was always joyous, listening and considerate may change to be arrogant, temperamental and a troublemaker in the family. As a wife, if your husband who used to be calm and understanding suddenly turns to be easily provoked, you have all reasons to get worried.

9. Infidelity

As men grow old, they feel decreased of virility and therefore engage in infidelity to prove their masculinity. For instance, a man in his middle age years may start having an affair with a secretary in early 20s to show that he is still vibrant. infidelityIn many instances, men who engage in infidelity due to midlife crisis go for young and pretty women who are not really their type. They might also start feeling unhappy with the size of their masculinity and feel discouraged in bed.  In this case, consider jes extender which is possibly the best penis extender manufactured in Denmark. After playing around with it he should stop all the nonsense and it is way better than for example your middle age man deciding to undergo a surgery with a hope to increase his self- esteem.

10. Classic signs of depression

It is worth noting that stress and depression goes hand in hand with midlife crisis. Therefore, when a man starts displaying classic signs of depression such as loss of appetite, malaise and sleeping for more hours than usual, this is a sign that midlife crisis is gradually sneaking in, unless there is a good reason for him to be stressed.

Generally, the above are the common signs that a man is experiencing midlife crisis. Remember that midlife crisis is a threat to relationship and family life should be prevented at all cost. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a wife to detect the above signs early enough and save your marriage before it is too late. Men experiencing midlife crisis should be encouraged to see a therapist so that they can be brought back to track before they wreck their lives and that of people cross to them.